Focus includes:

  • The importance of emotional development
  • Relationships
  • Emotion regulation
  • Attachment
  • Why should schools be more nurturing?
  • What makes a school a nurturing place?

What staff have reported to take forward

  • Make a specific time to discuss feelings, take more time to establish routines in September
  • Quiet area in the classroom
  • Develop brain breaks
  • Develop whole staff discussion around how we tend to dismiss emotions with children
  • Think about the language we use with the children and how best we can support them
  • Remembering to speak positively, share this all staff
  • Teach the basic skills that we may assume the children have learnt.
  • Whole school training on our use of language
  • Sad/broken box

Examples of feedback following the session:

Julie Moore Corran Integrated Primary School
“Excellent session, great information about parents”

Alyson Carson Bloomfield Primary School
“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the courses this week, I’ve learnt a lot. Thank you”

Jennifer McClelland Fairview Primary School, Ballyclare
“It has been very good focusing on this important issue”

Paula Cunningham, Principal of St James’s Primary and Nursery school
“Very informative and thought provoking, I found the discussion at the end of the today’s session very beneficial”

Rosie Tweedie, Silverstream Primary School Nursery unit
“Great, a good kick start after the holidays and a good starting point for my PRSD!”

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